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My recovery art greeting cards


Connecting with a Niche Market

“Collage artist Dena Leibowitz put her heart and her recovery experience into creating a collection of supportive and self-empowering cards that speaks to a niche audience.”

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Carolyn Graham Edlund – Owner, ArtsyShark


“The cards were even more beautiful in person. You can feel the quality and attention paid to the details–just lovely! Congratulations Dena! Your art and compassion will make a difference.”

Sherri Sebastian, Perfumer – Owner, Sebastian Signs Fragrances


“I am deeply moved & inspired by this process of healing. Recovery is such a personal experience yet it’s so dependent on sharing with others. You become mindful of your specific needs in fighting addiction but at the same time you become strong by helping someone else cope, listen, and heal. The people you meet become a pseudo family and actually might be the 1st time you learn that it is possible and very rewarding to create a “family” without dysfunction…..Well as close to that as possible. When you see these cards you can easily connect with the art and they truly sing out a persons name that could really use thoughtful emotion conveyed through creativity & compassion.”

Rachel Rubin, Teacher – Orlando, Florida                                                                                                                                       

“Totally love the cards! Getting lots of positive feed back! Thank you for your hard work! YOU DID IT!!!!!! Thanks a million!”

Trasie Clingan, Bookstore Manager – Cottonwood de Tucson                                                                                                                                                     

“Art according to Wikipedia is an expression of beauty and emotional power. This is what I experienced when I first saw Dena’s collages. They were so striking I asked Dena to make one for me. We came up with an idea to create a collage that represented an emotion I found troubling. While it was fun and novel at the time, the empowerment and healing that I experienced from the picture was and still is a unique and moving experience.

When I am feeling this emotion, I look at the collage. Seeing the images shift my focus outside of what I am feeling in my body. My senses are invited to open and broaden. The beauty of all the images offers me a few moments to breathe and be with my feeling. As I hold this place of honor and sit with my picture, sometimes I shed a few tears, sometimes I release the tension that is coursing through my body, sometimes I smile as I know this feeling served me. I am then able to move back to the tasks at hand. Acceptance and compassion eventually follow.

Dena’s ability to capture the energy, feeling and beauty in emotions through collage is quite unique. Her work opens, kindles and connects me to a heart space that true artwork inspires.”

Andrea Carvin, OTR – Owner, InnerSparks LLC


“I have found Dena’s artwork to be very moving and touches me in a deep way.”

Tammy Malak, Massage Therapist – Miracles Healing Center


“When I first received Dena’s collage I was deeply moved and touched. The story of the next chapter of my life was there unfolding before my eyes. Dena absolutely tuned into my experience. I felt seen and heard. Thank you Dena.”

Cathy L. Maier, Professional Photographer – Tel Aviv, Israel

“Thank you Dena for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the creativity, design, development and realization of your artwork. I cherished this card right away and will place it in front of me every day! In the future, I will use your technique as an example in the field of Professional Communication.”

Pearl Lugassy, MS Professional Communication – Tel Aviv, Israel


“Through working on your site and being able to look at every piece and every message, a lot of your work really hits home for me.  I really appreciate what you do. It’s truly beautiful to me.”

Daniel Goers, Dan Goers Creatography – Tucson, Arizona


My PTSD and Me


A helping professional thinks this first hand account of PTSD is right on!

“I had the great privilege of reviewing this one of a kind book before it went to press. Ms. Leibowitz has nailed it! She captures the frustrating and often devastating roller coaster of emotions in such a real way that resonates with anyone who has ever wondered about these symptoms, their origins and how to deal with it. Kudos on an up close and personal account which is shared so courageously!”

Desert Doc – Tucson, Arizona




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