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Core feelings — we all have them. Happy, sad, anger, hopeful. Expressing feelings in words isn’t always easy. Let me take you on a visual journey as I express these emotions through my collage art.

My name is Dena Leibowitz, owner of Mind Your Art LLC. I am a woman in recovery who has learned invaluable tools that help me manage my emotions and behavior. I came to discover my artistic expression through feeling words during my recovery treatment. While attending a women’s workshop, I made a collage for one of my peers of her inner child. The very next day, she reached for it during a moment of panic and was able to use it as a healing tool to help calm herself down.

I was blown away! I knew at that moment I had a direction for my art – that I was to give back and to be of service. 

Combining my childhood passion for making collages with my own experience with collage art therapy I am able to portray emotions — how I feel them and see them through images. My method of creating my art has developed into my own healing process. I began my collection creating core feelings which led to the birthing of other expressive words that became a part of my recovery journey, with more art pieces to come as I move along my path.

My art heals me. I’ve witnessed my art heal others. My art changes me. Being mindful in my daily life heightens my senses and awakens me to my present moment. Being mindful of my art brings awareness, an awareness that isn’t always easily expressed through dialogue.

May my art guide you on your journey and help you to express yourself. May you not feel alone.

Make it a mind your art day!

In gratitude, 

Dena Leibowitz


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