Expressing Body Feelings

Expressing body feelings through my life-size portrait was a therapeutic experience.

I recently returned from a six week trauma treatment program at The Meadows in Wickenburg AZ. I had the assignment of expressing my emotions in my body, where I feel them, and this is what I created. My pose is a combination of running from, in a flight situation. And moving forward, with freedom and grace. On the right side, are my emotions represented in my past. Heavy, mixed up and swirled together. I was unable to express my feelings in a healthy way.   

expressing body feelings

On the left side, are how my emotions feel in my body in the present. A soft, fluid continuing flow. I included my purity, my birthright, represented by the white line that runs throughout my entire body. My inner child by my side surrounded with love, passion and joy as I bring her out of the darkness and into the light. Connected to me by an umbilical cord. The random background pieces are an abstract representation of the many fragments of my memory that inspired my portrait.

How does your body feel emotions?


2 thoughts on “Expressing Body Feelings

  1. Lourdes Acciani

    I feel that you represented thru art how I feel. I would add more red for pain. I really, really like it. You are very talented.
    You are a beautiful soul and I’m lucky to know you.

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