What is it like to be an artist entrepreneur?

Being an artist entrepreneur has been a dream come true. A dream that I live every day.

As an artist, is it possible to use the left and right brain? Yes! Is mine efficient? Happily I can say yes! I have managed to use both daily and so grateful that I am capable. Keeping my bookkeeping in check on a regular basis, scouting new sales leads and filling new orders while creatively exercising my art muscles producing new collages is just a few of the things that I do. Is it a challenge? You bet! Would I rather be creating full time? Most definitely. But the need arises to juggle all of my tasks as I choose to run my own business alone.

Speaking of alone, the battle of isolation can set in and this is when I need to stay mindful and give myself an abundance of self-care. I am a one woman team at the moment. Yes I have a marvelous IT support and manufacturers but I run the show. And it’s fabulous to call myself the boss. The solitude is necessary to create my art. How could I possibly do it with somebody? Why would I want to? So I embrace my daily activities with a wholehearted approach of diligence and awe. Each task at hand quenches my thirst in the present knowing it leads to the future and as I see it my future looks bright!


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