The Voices: His, Hers or Mine?

Have you ever stopped to think whose voice is dictating your decisions? Your motivation? Your confidence? I do this daily. After gaining the knowledge of how to distinguish my ‘internal family voices’ from my own and learning that my voice needs to be the loudest, I have added one more healthy piece to my recovery journey.

Here is a menu of my ‘voices’. My father’s voice encouraged me to do anything I like in life but gave me very little direction as to how while enforcing an immense amount of expectations creating the self-doubt and perfectionist voices in me. My mother’s voice gave me an endless amount of criticism creating the external validation and fearful voices of showing my authentic self. The addict voice was created in me at a young age by way of my three brothers when I seductively heard their own. 

Each day someone pops up to ‘visit’ and I’ve learned to recognize my body sensations and my behavior to determine if their dictation won that day. When my voice speaks the loudest it’s a victory and I acknowledge my growth. With the inner strength and confidence I have reclaimed on my recovery path, I know for certain that my voice is here to stay!

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