Recovery: here, there and everywhere

I recently gave myself a gift by going on a Recovery Retreat. My heart carried me there and my smile of gratitude carried me back home. I embraced every minute of every day with the willingness to learn how to heal some more of myself. It was an adventure to say the least filled with love and support all around me. Given the opportunity again I would return. I speak of Crossroads Centre 

During one of the lectures regarding mindfulness I was inspired to write a poem.

I share with you ~ The Black Duck Moments


Do you know what they are?

No, you don’t?

Let me tell you about mine

They come at the precise time when I need them

And they fill me with joy, calmness and hope

They also fuel my direction with great intention

Still don’t know what they are?

I’ll give you a clue – you won’t be feeling blue when they come

A shift happens within my mind, body and soul

Moments of distraction filled with complete satisfaction

No more pain to be felt

No more tears running down my face

A gift of a happy place that comes just when I need it

Now you may ask yourself – how can I have these black duck moments?

I will share this traveling secret that came to me

All I ask is that you share it with others

Are you ready? Here it goes

I open my heart

I receive the good of the universe around me

I hold on to it tightly – embracing these moments of bliss for as long as I can 

And I smile or sometimes even laugh

You think you can do it?

Believe that you can and you will

I have faith in you

And please remember our secret is meant to be shared with all peoples of the world

You were once a student and now you are a teacher


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