Recovery Retreat in Antigua, West Indies – a refreshing renewal of the mind, body & spirit

I just returned from yet another Recovery Retreat in Antigua, West Indies. Feeling refreshed, renewed and grateful for this opportunity to enrich my recovery journey that I thankfully gave to myself. I share with you my reflections from the impact of the magic that I received there.

What my Recovery Retreat means to me

Recovery Retreat in AntiguaI continue to be open to new experiences and meeting new people

I continue to learn and strengthen my recovery

I continue to provide self-care by coming to the beautiful island of Antigua

I continue to love myself

I continue to nurture and heal my inner child

I continue to embrace my present moment

I continue to savior my WOW black duck moments and thank the universe for presenting these gifts to me

I continue to breathe

Have you ever given yourself a Recovery Retreat? It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you Crossroads Centre Antigua for providing the space for me to grow and learn….until we meet again.


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